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Windy Coulee selects broodmares from all over the country for our breeding program. They are genetically diverse with pedigrees that highlight stallions such as Ferrari, Kamouraska, Phenom, Hero’s, Wilfrid, Charbon, Lawrence, Loredo, Dawn and more. In addition, many of our mares were chosen because of the performance and reputation of their dams. Windy Coulee mares deliver kind, willing foals, with superb conformation and ability. With careful and selective breeding, Windy Coulee is delivering and developing all our youngsters for maximum success. At Windy Coulee quality is the goal, not quantity.

Windy Coulee Kilamanjaro Piper AKA Grinner – We look forward to Pipers foals in the near future.

This 2004 mare, is now Heidi's main riding horse. Piper is an official pony and has an equine Canada passport. She competes in dressage, is skilled at extreme trail obstacles, has shown an affinity for barrel racing, jumping and will soon join the ranks of Canadians competing in Competitive Trail Rides. Piper is athletic, has a kind heart, is generous and has no trouble at all summiting our high Rocky Mountain Peaks.




photo: Emma Devos

Beckett’s Creek Kamouraska SAR Aka Sara - Sara traveled across the country to join the Windy Coulee herd fall 2011. She is the half sister of Strydr and you can tell! She is absolutely stunning when she runs with the mare herd in the big pasture. An exceptional quality horse - movement, conformation and temperament. Her foals will be wonderful to work with. sara
Kecaluku Charbon Patricia - Fancy, fast and kind; Patricia is a welcome new addition to the Windy Coulee herd! Patricia brings new blood lines to the herd. Proven to be a superb mom, Patricia has delivered one of our best foals yet, athletic, extremely kind, sensitive and sensible Alator, is the quality of foal we are striving for. patricia

Juniper - This 1999 mare is a fine trail horse, with a walk to die for. She is Annabelle's only filly, and contributed to our herd by producing Piper, Heidi’s handy all round riding horse. Juniper goes where no horse goes in the backcountry, is willing, strong, steady and easy to fit a saddle too! Juniper was the pack horse for Catherine on her long ride north through the porcupine hills and Kananaskis in 2013.


photo: Duane Starr

Grey Stone Wilfrid Fuchsia AKA Coco – bred in Ontario, this brown Canadian mare was the pack horse that assisted Catherine Thompson in her long ride beginning in Mancota, Saskatchewan and ending in SW Alberta some 1200 km later during the spring and summer of 2012. Co Co came to windy coulee late in her life, after being a broodmare for Kukaklu herd in Peace River, Alberta. Co Co is now the herd guard for the horses and especially the foals and small donkey who live in the valley. Thank you Co Co.


photo: Emma Devos

Our next generation of broodmares include two fillies under development, they started riding the spring of 2015.

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