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At Windy Coulee we are always striving to build a foundation of horsemanship and stewardship for our horses. Over the years we have found success in raising our horses to be fit, content and kept in as natural setting as possible. This is to ensure their mental health as well as physical health is top notch. This way we have produced efficient and healthy partners for someone who wants a horse for the longterm. It is our experience that ground work with people, a herd setting for much of the year, mental stimulation, rest, implementing a training plan, a clean, but as close to natural environment as we can muster is what keeps our horses in top shape as well as mentally challenged with a positive attitude. Providing native grassland as forage, working with a nutritionist, a hoof care specialist, and an equine dentist has proven the best for our horses health topped off with lots of riding.

Nutrition: Windy Coulee Canadian Horses has worked with Ark Nutrition since 2008. A professional nutritionist formulates rations that complement the native grass diet our horses thrive on. Our horses are not fed processed feed, grains, or alfalfa hay. We keep the herd off rich spring grass and keep their weight normal to prevent laminitis and obesity; they run in a 120 acre pasture August - March.

Hoof Care: Barefoot is the way horses were born. Some hoof specialists say the hoof itself is an organ that supports the circulatory system pumping nutrition to and from the hoof with every step. While we do not go as far as saying restricting a hoof with a metal shoe, is like encasing the heart in cement, we certainly follow the philosophy that a good hoof, trimmed to support the internal structure of the hoof, on a horse that is exercised and "fed" properly is a very good idea . Canadians naturally have exceptional feet, and Windy Coulee works with barefoot hoof specialists to achieve proper concavity, sole and heel first action of the hoof. Don’t worry, our horses go everywhere, for additional protection against the sharp rocks of the alpine, we use boots to reach all terrain status! - top
Read more: Pete Ramey - www.hoofrehab.com

Teeth: We work with Pincher Creek Country Vets Clinic Veterinarian to keep our horses teeth in tip top shape. As well, our grazing practises support healthy and even tooth wear. top- top

Exercise: Give them exercise, not oats. Horses do not eat for comfort, they eat to sustain their teeth and energy so they can do what horses do best . . . move! A reward for a horse is to allow them to move as horses should in a herd as horses do. They naturally move more than 20 km per day simply looking for forage. In our modern times they usually do not have the space to move naturally, and they are usually feed way too much. We try to keep this in mind with all decisions on herd management. - top Read more: Jaime Jackson's Paddock Paradise

Properly fitting saddle: Windy Coulee has tried and tested a large variety of saddles, both english and western. Our experience is that a regular saddle off the rack simply does not work for horses who are hard at work. Canadians have good, normal backs, but often are just a tad wider than your average horse. As well, their girths tend to be at a higher angle from the withers than average horses, thus a good fitting saddle also has to have the correct placement of the rigging. A short backed Canadian may be more challenging to fit, but the extra effort to find a well fitting saddle from the start will pay off. There are saddles with adjustable trees, saddles designed for horses similar to Canadians and custom options out there. We have made the commitment to ride our horses in saddles that fit the horse and also the rider, and have fewer back issues to deal with as a result. - top





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