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brent strydr
Brent Trout and Strydr at age 3

Heidi and Strydr
Heidi and Strydr


Horse Related Links
The Canadian Cowboy Challenge
Pincher Creek Extreme Trail Club - a loose knit group of Canadian Cowboy Challenge enthusiasts, hosting challenges, practices and more. Join the fun on facebook.

Trail Riding Alberta Conference TRAC - Competative Trail Riding, a challenging, fun and exciting sport. trailriding.ab.ca

Canadian Sport Horse Association

The Canadian Horse
Canadian Sport Horse Association
Farm TV - view this newsclip filmed on Windy Coulee farm Fall of 2006.
Canadian Horse Breeders Association, Livestock Records Corporation - search for breed records, farm contacts and registration information! www.clrc.ca/canadianhorse.shtml
Canadian Horse Breeders Association - Our national organization. www.lechevalcanadien.ca
Canadian Horse Association Rocky Mountain District - this dedicated group of Canadian Horse Breeders and appreciators has dedicated close to 20 years towards promoting and developing the Canadian Horse in western Canada, primarily Alberta. www.canadianhorsebreeders.com

Willowview Canadians - check out Willowview Dawn, sire of Luna, Pippin and Juniper. Willowview has a good variety of Canadian Horses for sale. northernhorse.com/willowview

How to Buy a Canadian Horse (Cherry Creek Canadians)
link to come soon!

Other Links
WWOOF Canada - Willing Workers on Organic Farms. A wonderful organization that places volunteer workers from all over the world on host farms in Canada. www.wwoof.ca/canada/homecanada.html
an stiúideo fiáin/music forest – Catherine Thompson's Website
Sarah MacDougall - Luna and the foals highlight Sara’s musical tour photo page!
Straight From the Horse's Mouth - ... Heidi Eijgel ... is an Alberta horse farmer who lives in the last house at the end of a gravel road surrounded by one of the largest wind farms in Alberta - and she's ok with that...
Living Next to Wind Blog - Heidi Eijgel raises horses on a ranch 700m from Summerview Wind Farm, a 70.2 MW wind power project in southern Alberta. Heidi and her husband do not have an ownership stake in the wind farm, but for 10 years they have been some of the wind farm’s closest neighbours as well as some of its biggest advocates...
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