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Welcome to our Website!
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What's New 2017
For timely updates, follow our Windy Coulee Canadian Horses facebook page and check in with our blog posts! We welcome new WWOOF guests from Europe.

You can also follow Windy Coulee Canadians on Instagram!
instagram.com/windycouleecanadians/ thank you Amanda Millar for managing Instagram for us!

Highlights from 2016 include tv appearances, competitions, Zefyr and Selena at Stampede, horses moving on to Wisconsin and South Carolina USA to amazing new equine partners, stay tuned for updates!

We sadly say goodbye to Windy Coulee Kamouraska Strydr, far to early. This remarkable Canadian gelding passed away while in service with the Calgary City Police the fall of 2016.



Windy Coulee Website Updated for this winter Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2016!



April 6, 2015 Patricia has a new colt, arrived early this spring in a snow storm - this incredibly athletic, fast and beautiful colt has a bright future!

May, 2015 Heidi has been blogging all winter; catch up on the rehabilitation of a quarter horse cross pony mare. What does it take to bring a horse back from chronic laminitis . . . and find our what is next for this willing and athletic pony. Follow Flicka's Journey to find out.



Our heartfelt thanks go out to our friend Catherine and our amazing WWOOF guests this year, Courtney, Sara and Landee. You have contributed towards our horses care, training, conditioning; were invaluable at the Mane Event, vegetable gardening, farm yard maintenance, new fencing projects, old fencing repairs and removals, the hay shed is neat and tidy, the field absolutely free of burdock. The cats, horses and chickens will miss you all. You are all a part of Windy Coulee.

Windy Coulee is a featured farm on Canadian Horse Link... check it out!

Friends are welcome to join our Windy Coulee facebook page featuring current pictures of the horses in training, at clinics and in competition as well as, our mountain rides, and other horse adventures.

Friends and riding buddies are welcome to join our Windy Coulee facebook page featuring current pictures of the horses, our mountain rides, and horse adventures.

A member of the Canadian Cowboy Challenge since 2013, Heidi has embraced the philosophy of horsemanship building with various exercises from an early age to solidify the equine human partnership. This sport emphasizes the importance of groundwork and leadership, and perfects the skills needed to “move” your horse through various ranch or backcountry styled obstacles. Why are we doing this with our young horses? This is a fun, interesting way to build a solid foundation of training, that can start from an early age, and continue once riding begins. No matter what sport the horse will end up doing, this is the best foundation. So, in addition to gaining confidence on the trails, our young horses can be introduced to obstacles they may meet on the trail or on the farm during winter arena training, and we add the element of competition during a challenge event. A nice way to keep everyone interested, stimulated and moving onward in their training. Indeed, it could save your life one day, or at least prevent a wreck if you have a horse that is okay with a tarp being dragged, a plastic bag floating by, a rope, and walking through a curtain . . . whether you plan to enter the dressage ring, a driving event, the jumping ring, the trail class, the backcountry, the parade or the eventing course.



Windy Coulee mares Equiz and Patricia foaled two lovely purebred colts Aurora and Alator this year - look for them for sale in 2017.
Zefyr comes into his own, this exceptional 2012 colt will remain a stallion, he has the highest quality temperament, respectful ground manners, movement and confirmation. We are now waiting on his performance as a riding and or driving horse beginning 2014.

Lucia Chantecler wins the Buckin Crazy (young horses division) class in our first annual Pincher Creek Canadian Cowboy Challenge September 29, 2013, with a respectable score. Not bad for a small driving horse with a talent for having fun! Heidi and Lucia have developed a special partnership, and are poised to start driving soon.

Lily spent a month getting back into the swing of things this spring with our new trainer. She arrived back at the farm ready for the mountains, a joy to ride.

In 2013 we experienced the most amazing fall rides; warm weather, great conditions and the horses were happy to finally get away from the summer heat and insect infestations. Juniper, Lily, Lucy, Grinner, Beaver and Luna all enjoyed the time spent in the mountains along with human friends and WWOOF guests! We enjoyed new trails and established the young horses as competent backcountry trail explorers. Look out 2014 - here come Lily and Lucy!

Thank you to all our WWOOF Guests in 2013 - Gale, Isabelle, Catherine, Corinne, Claire and Laia. It was a busy summer and fall, two foals, a flood, repairs and cleanup, burdock and bots, firewood and some of the most extreme weather yet. We still managed to implement the needed conditioning rides at home and take in our fair share of Waterton and Bob Creek trails!



Huge thank you to our WWOOF Guests this year, Catherine and Lisi!
Congratulations to Catherine for being accepted for membership in The Long Riders Guild. Link to the Guild. Being a part of the guild is an honour and a privilege and it is the result of the nature of her 1600 km solo journey with Dakota and Co Co across Saskatchewan and Alberta. Her incredible journey with her horse Dakota and Co Co (one of our Canadian mares) is documented in her blog. Link to visit Catherine's blog.


Big thank you to our WWOOF guests this year - Nicole, Soline and Catherine!

News Release - Windy Coulee December 2, 2011 - link to pdf

David and Heidi would like to thank the following WWOOF guests for their contributions:
2007 - Marc and Kristina, Emma, and Matthew
2008 - Catherine, Flo, Chie, and Emma
2009 - Frida, Sam, Emma, and Catherine
2010 - Sandra, Martina, Mark and Isabelle

Ursus' first ride  

Ursus has been sold to a great new home where he will enjoy backcountry riding, packing and other activities with his new family!


WWOOf News & Testimonials (Willing Workers on Organic Farms)  
Sarah 2014 - 'I contacted Windy Coulee through the WWOOFing volunteer program. I can't quite put my finger on what exactly drew me to the farm (probably the promise of plenty of riding), but I'm glad I chose it! After exchanging various emails with Heidi, I was keen to finally get to the farm.
The landscape is beautiful - just the condition of the native grass shows commitment and care. The horses all reflect kind handling, and I learned a lot about basic natural horsemanship. Mutual respect between all creatures living on the farm was evident, and I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with the horses and people!
Resident farrier (among other job roles!) Catherine taught me about barefoot trimming in detail, taking the time to explain and answer any questions I had. Heidi has the same attitude, able to share personal details of the entire herd (around 17 gorgeous horses at the time of my visit). I was impressed by her knowledge of the breed and her herd!
David is equally knowledgeable in his field of horse-drawn vehicles. I'm afraid to say he threw so much information at me I could barely retain it! Seeing his passion for the subject was great, and when I visit again I will definitely make notes...
Overall a fantastic experience - mountain rides were definitely a highlight! If you're looking for a knowledgeable, reliable source of Canadian horses, Windy Coulee is the place to go. There's a horse there for everyone!'



Lisi 2012 - My name is Lisi and I am a student in wildlife ecology in Austria. During my Canadatrip in 2012 I took the opportunity to stay on Heidi & David's farm together with Catherine.  I appreciated getting to know everyone, they taught and showed me a lot. I enjoyed all of the great experiences and kept a lot of beautiful memories! It was an awesome month and I am looking forward to the next time! lisi luna
Nicole 2011 - My name is Nicole and I’m from Switzerland. I stayed at Windy Coulee for two months in the summer of 2011. The plan was to leave my "real“ life and go away from the daily routine in my job. So I came to Heidi and Dave's place. It was the time of my life; best thing I could do. I just love the way they live and act, the way they treat their animals and their land. I learned a lot, experienced gorgeous rides, good food, nice people and animals. A dream came true! And last but not least: I got a new family: my Canadian family…Thank you Heidi and Dave! I will never ever forget what you’ve done for me..!!! nicole

Soline 2011 - Summer 2011 was my first WWOOFF experience and my first time in Alberta. I stayed at Windy Coulee for two weeks, and that was everything I hoped. David wasn't there while I was, but Heidi was and I had a great time with her...and Catherine!

I loved the place, the horses, the great rides, the funny cats...I've discovered so much.

I will never forget this experience. Thank you.

soline luna
I am Martina from Switzerland. I stayed at Heidi and Dave's for 2.5 months the summer of 2010, and was their first long term woofer. Every day was unique. Their place, their animals and their lifestyle are burnt deep in my heart. So are Heidi and Dave themselves. I'll never forget what those two have done for me and I am looking forward to see them again. Martina and Pippin
“Hi ! My name is Samuel and I am a student in biotechnology engineering in France like Emma ! I’m a circus man, always juggling even if I ride! I was Heidi & David’s WWOOFer in July 09. It was a wonderful month; riding in a national park, to be in the  nature with their Canadian horses … it was so magic ! I just would like to come back !” sam & pippin

Welcome Catherine Thompson, Windy Coulee guest April 12 - May 14, 2008. First guest of this year. Catherine comes to us from Toronto via New Brunswick via The Banff Centre. Catherine is exercising and helping with the horses and working with David in the shop. This volunteer stint is part of her long term project that explores the connections between the wild and the domestic – The Sun and the Wind Project - with a specific of a solo long distance ride on horseback.

Note from Cath: In the end I rode 2500km through Saskatchewan and Alberta linking together beautifu, and increasingly rare and endangered, areas of native grassland - the old growth forest of teh plains. This ride was life changing in so many ways and have to thank Heidi and David so much for their support over the years since I first met them back in 2008. Support in every way way imaginable! As I write this, in the summer of 2014, I am again back at Windy Coulee camped in my big cotton tent in their SE pasture that we like to call Little Mongolia. I am here preparing for my next major adventure - setting up an instrument making and composing studio in northern Thailand. And once again I find myself graced by the kindness of both Heidi and David. My new website devoted to this move is: dondtreebpa.blogspot.ca
I am pondering the possibilities of a long ride in the north of old Siam.
July 13, 2014

cath & luna
My name is Emma and I am a student in biotechnology engineering in France. I stayed as a WWOOFer at Heidi and David’s farm in September 07 where I found a really lovely place with extraordinary people who became very good friends. I really appreciated this unique atmosphere, a spirit in osmose with nature and a exceptionnal understanding with animals. I love their Canadian horses, they are so brave and so fun to ride, especially Pippin !!! As I am coming back to Canada to study this coming year, (2008) I am looking forward to having good times there again! emma

The 'Burdock' project, a lifetime commitment to reduce invasive alien species on our landscape.

Burdock is an invasive alien species that threatens riparian areas and is a nuisance to livestock and wildlife.

photo: Emma's boot by Emma Devos

cath luna

Thank you to Emma, Kristina, Mark, Sam and Martina for contributing photographs to this website!

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