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Calo Heros Exquise - The dam of our herd stallion Zefyr, has made a significant contribution to our herd with the creation of Aurora and Duet; two amazing horses.

Equise joined the herd in July 2012, with a beautiful colt at her side (Zefyr). The two were purchased from Willowview Canadians where they had been wonderfully cared for and handled by Suzanne Spierenberg. These two horses are a significant contribution towards the quality of our Windy Coulee Canadian Horse herd. They are refined, athletic with fancy big movement, and have the sensible and kind mind typical of high quality Canadian horses. Equise has safely and successfully delivered 12 purebred Canadian foals, one who will be a stallion. She is still sound, healthy, and shows no sign of a swayback, despite her age. She is a trusting, sharing and wonderful mother to her foals. Thank you Quizy, we love you and you can retire here at Windy Coulee for the rest of your days.


Du Coteau Lalou Annabelle – our first Canadian, Annabelle contributed significantly to our herd's development. She was an excellent riding horse and wonderful mother. Two of her offspring are in training as patrol service horses with the Calgary City Police, her first foal, Fleury, excelled as a competitive trial horse and all around riding horse, and her grand daughter, Piper is a solid mount in cowboy challenge, all around riding horse for Heidi and performs in a musical ride not minding a crowd. Annabelle's third foal Luna and Piper have traveled safely in the backcountry and down the streets of Calgary in the 2011 Calgary Stampede Parade. Juniper, Annabelle’s only filly, was an important contributor to a significant “long ride”, photo’s of her, her riding partner and leader, Catherine Thompson are featured on her website and blog, and they are a member of the international organization known as The Long Riders Guild! Thank you Annabelle, enjoy your retirement!

photo: Cecilia Goncalves

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